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Scar/Stretch Marks & Thread Vein Removal


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Using a variety of lens options on the re:touch Q Switched Nd:YAG, stretch marks red or white, scars, thread and spider veins can all be effectively reduced or removed through a course of treatments for stretch mark removals.

Thread vein removal is relatively painless as the power settings are much lower than other treatments, such as tattoo removal most of our clients enjoy the treatment as it produces quick results in removing unsightly thread and spider veins and stretch marks.


The laser coagulates the blood in vascular treatments allowing the body to absorb the destroyed cells through natural necrosis. Stretch marks and scars are reduced by utilising the wavelengths available to create an increased blood flow to the area, fading out and breaking down the damaged tissue, in effect rejuvenating the skin surface.


Light to medium treatments

Your consultation for treatment is free and Your first treatment will cost you just £27.00 (patch test and response evaluation) we take this session to ensure we can plan your treatment intervals depending on your skin type and how quickly you heal, after which you will only pay £27.00 per treatment session, until you are happy with the results.

Fixed price plans (pay in advance) for denser treatment plans.

Plan 1 – £49.00 includes test patch and one treatment

Plan 2 – £98.00 includes test patch and two full treatment sessions up to 40 minutes per session

Plan 3 – £147.00 includes test patch and three full treatment sessions up to 40 minutes per session

Other Laser Treatments available;

  • Fungal Nail
  • Acne
  • Age Spots
  • Birth mark removal
  • Rosacea
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I suffer from anxiety and the Centre is just a great place to go, I had a bad experience at another establishment but the care and service from Envogue is brilliant, Tim makes the whole experience very comfortable and lets you take it at your own pace.