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Amy Andrews – Semi Permanent Make-up artist

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Amy Andrews is a fully qualified semi permanent makeup artist. With a keen eye and passion for brows, Amy has been thoroughly enjoying gaining valuable experience in cosmetic tattooing since graduating from Dermace Academy in July 2016. Prior to cosmetic tattooing, she completed a conventional tattoo apprenticeship as well as makeup artistry diploma from London College of Fashion. Amy’s work and satisfied clientele reflect her level of enthusiasm, dedication and perfectionism.

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Continuing her education as always, Amy is thrilled to be offering the latest ombre brow technique as of July 2017 and has plans to add semi permanent eyeliner and lip blush to her services in the near future.

If you are interested in having semi permanent makeup, call today and book a free consultation with Amy. The consultation will determine if you are suitable for the procedure, patch test and discussion regarding your desired look. Amy will pencil your brows with attention to your bone structure and natural shape giving you an idea of what your semi permanent makeup would look like, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like to go ahead with the semi permanent makeup application, your first session will be booked and a £50 deposit will be required. In 4-6 weeks time you will come back for your top up session. Payment may be separated into 2 payments with the last payment due at the top up appointment.

Semi permanent makeup can be used to recreate eyebrows in those with sparse, over plucked, fair, or scarred eyebrows as well as for those who have lost their eyebrows due to old age, chemotherapy or conditions such as alopecia. It can be used to enhance the lips where collagen has begun to break down, reducing the look of fine lines, reducing lipstick bleeding and giving a colour boost to pale or thin lips. Eyeliner procedures can be used to enhance lash lines creating the look of thicker eyelashes or to create more permanent eyeliner for those with active or busy lifestyles when regular kohl or liquid eyeliner can be problematic.

Semi permanent makeup will look darker after application, but this fades as the healing process takes place and the top layers of skin, which still contain excess pigment, are replaced by new skin cells. A six week top up after the initial procedure is required to ensure pigment is sufficiently placed in the skin to ensure a long lasting result. The length of time semi-permanent make-up lasts varies from person to person, depending on factors such as skin type and skin care.


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All treatment prices include a free consultation including patch test, initial 1.5-2 hour treatment and free six-week top up.