EnVogue is proud to be able to offer its customers a state of the art tanning booth.


sunbeds in cheltenham

The stunning, vigorating bright blue ambience and state of the art technology ensures our customers are getting the very best! The tanning results for these beds are in a league of their own. Due to its unique internal complex properties and combined patented glass technology, these lamps provide a perfect, long lasting dark glowing tan.

Lamp Benefits

  • Creates a healthy glow
  • Premium tanning results
  • Rejuvenated, younger looking skin
  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Blemish free skin
  • Stimulates natural collagen
  • Helps prevent hair loss
  • Reduces wrinkles

It has a “cool breeze “system to keep clients comfortable and ensure that the lamps achieve optimum tanning performance. It has 100% specialist tanning lamps incorporating the twist design to deliver maximum tanning performance.

Stand up features include:

  • Speaker system
  • Intelligent air flow system
  • Changing pod available to the customer
  • Emergency stop button

EnVogue is pleased to be able to offer a range of products to compliment the tanning experience, from tanning lotions to tan shots. TanShot® contains the skin nourishing ingredients of Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta‐Carotene. These ingredients help promote better tanning results by optimising the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs during the tanning process. This can be purchased for just £2.40 per shot.

We also offer a range of tanning lotions by ProTan which aid the tanning process and enhance the end result. ProTan is the number one selling bronzing lotion, it contains natural Melanin for optimal bronzing. Choose the Pro Tan range for that unbeatable tanned look. World renowned for its formula, Pro Tan is the professional’s choice when it comes to indoor tanning. Prices start at £1.90 for a sachet of the lotion or a 250ml bottle for £11.90.


Here at EnVogue we want to offer competitive pricing and reward our loyal customers. We currently have an offer for a 60 minute tanning bundle for just £25.00! RRP £36.00. Join the Gold club before the end of May and you get to keep this offer price for the next twelve months, that’s tanning for less than 42p a minute, furthermore you get free WINK-EASE.