Effective laser tattoo removal treatment that will treat even stubborn tattoos.



Tim Ford, System Restore Qualified Therapist Explains

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A laser produces a high energy beam of light that can precisely transfer energy into certain targets within the skin. The beam of light is produced in one wavelength (or colour) which will be absorbed by certain tattoo pigments and in turn, shatter the ink, to be absorbed and dispersed by the body’s natural healing process.

ND- YAG Q- Switched technology
The key requirement for a laser to remove tattoos is for it to be Q-switched. This means that the energy is delivered in a particular way, very short pulse-duration Lasers that are not Q-switched will not be effective on tattoos and Intense Pulsed Lights (IPLs) will also be ineffective, delivering energy that is not effectively absorbed by tattoo pigment and which may damage surrounding skin, At Envogue it was important to have the best equipment available, we operate the Nd YAG system operating at both 1064nm & 532nm giving the best results for most tattoos.


We offer a free consultation service and are happy to spend time in making sure Tattoo removal is for you, discussing the type of tattoo, how long it will possibly take and the results we are likely to get.

Your first treatment will cost you just £27.00 as we will take this session to ensure we can plan your treatment intervals depending on your skin type and how quickly you heal.

For small tattoos £27.00 is the most you will pay per session and we will cap the total cost of the treatment, so you will know how much it’s going to cost from day one.

Medium and Larger Tattoos start from £37.00 per session and again we will cap the total cost for you in your treatment plan.

We even include your first aftercare products in your initial treatment, ensuring you receive the very best of care during this process.

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I suffer from anxiety and the Centre is just a great place to go, I had a bad experience at another establishment but the care and service from Envogue is brilliant, Tim makes the whole experience very comfortable and lets you take it at your own pace.